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Spangles Jewellery

spangles jewellery

Founded in 2008, Spangles has quickly grown to become one of the largest wholesalers of fashion jewellery in the UK. We love jewellery and we're passionate that the most beautiful designs need not cost you the earth, we keep our quality high and our prices low!

Spangles Parties If you're passionate about jewellery and want to earn extra income while having some fun then why not join our team as a Spangles party consultant? You don't need any previous experience and your working hours are completely up to you, so you can fit them around your lifestyle. Most consultants earn in excess of 40% of takings from day one and with an earning potential like that, many Spangles consultants choose to make their Spangles business a full time career or simply a way to earn extra money, save up for that holiday or treat their family.

How Do I Get Started? To get going, simply order the 'Spangles Starter Kit' for just £95! (worth over £450!). The kit contains everything you need to throw the spangliest party in town, including jewellery, invitations, gift boxes and bags - even business cards. All you need to do is gather together a bunch of your friends and open a bottle of something sparkly!

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