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Miglio Jewellery

miglio jewellery

As a gift for hosting a party where the total sales exceed £150 - you will have an opportunity to purchase any item in our catalogue at half price, as well as to receive 10% of the total sales made at the party towards an item of jewellery of your choice. Miglio was started in 1996 by Mike and Jenny Miller in South Africa to distribute beautiful jewellery and to offer an exciting opportunity for people of all ages, background and experience levels to do the same. This has now become a household name throughout South Africa with over 6,000 independent consultants. In 2003 the Miglio concept was brought to the United Kingdom by Sue Dean and Tim Westinghouse. Since then it has grown rapidly - currently utilising more than 1250 independent consultants. The company's success is built on the foundation of a fair and transparent business plan, which empowers its consultants to realise an income that is in accordance with their own needs and financial requirements. The Miglio Business Opportunity enables independent consultants to determine their own working hours, enjoy the flexibility of being self-employed and to achieve their personal goals. Miglio is the perfect financial opportunity for you to get what you want out of life!

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