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Kismet Skincare

Kismet Skincare

Kismet Skincare Plc is a new exciting, innovative skincare company, combining nature with science, to give clients & consumers, a premium quality complete skincare system, at a price you can afford. We are committed to offering you a full skincare system, using the latest developments in skincare science, with the best of natural active ingredients. Our ranges are suitable to men and women of all ages, of varying skin types and will include three premium ranges, which will all contain the same ground breaking ingredients many of you will have seen in other leading brands at extortionate prices!

Our aim is to promise you, the great british public, the best british products, at the best prices!
Kismet Skincare Plc, is headed by the renowned legend of his era, Mr John Bloom, who revolutionised marketing methods in the U.K during the 1960’s, bringing domestic appliances into households at unbeatable prices. John was the architect of the downfall of “Resale Price Maintenance” and firmly maintains in the belief that consumers should always get a fair deal from the manufacturers.

We offer our consultants a competitive income through our party plan division and also offer them an alternative avenue of directly selling to selected salons, hotel chains and spa's.

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