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Girlie Gardening

Girlie Gardening

Pink watering cans, lip print wellies, lilac twine! Female gardeners are girlie and proud of it!

No longer are they blending in with the soil in their raised beds and borders but they are taking on the spectacle of their blooms - pink, blue, yellow, lilac - gardens are alive with colour, so why not the gardeners!

That is the thinking behind Girlie Gardening, a thriving business that is bringing fun to gardens, with a range of products that as well as being well-made and practical are unashamedly girlie. The concept is the brainchild of Helen James, mother of 5, and Cathy Caudwell Todd, mother of two. The pair were friends who felt the country's army of women gardeners would appreciate a lit

tle glamour as they weeded, planted and watered.

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